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Hikari update technology, saling increasing in many areas

October 08, 2021

Increasing of saling in many areas based on innovating constantly and investing much capital in R&D. In addition, Hikari also win the trust of customers.


In Xingcheng city, Hikari’s reputation spread far and wide, attracting more and more new customers, the way they know about Hikari through word-of-mouth.

Almost all of medium and large garments enterprise in local area using Hikari sewing machine, some of them over 10 years, new customers take them as a standard.

Why more and more new customers choose Hikari as their partner? Mr. Guo who is working in Hikari think that customers not only purchasing products but also purchasing trust, this trust come from long term cooperation and reputation, this is a treasure accumulated by Hikari.


These trust come from three sectors: first, Hikari sewing machine bring better efficiency to garments enterprise, such as auto products K5 which can take care of 5 sets devices by one person; new stepper drive lockstitching sewing machine and overlock sewing machine which can provide faster rotary speed than other same type products and more stable performance; Second, Hikari sewing machine provide higher sewing quality, and also best-quality in other ways such as degree of beauty of stitching, thread tail trimming, anti-bird nest; third, Hikari with tremendous strength can bring update technology to garments industry, such as auto thread trimming and auto belt cutting.


Hikari sewing machine have longer service life, lower maintenance rate, quieter sound and humanized design, making production enviroment green. These are pesonality of Hikari brand and make it has unique charm.

Comparing with last whole year, Hikari’s saling in some area has already increased two or three times. Now, Hikari let more and more garments enterprise using better sewing machine, and also make a contribution to sewing machine industry.